About Us


We are a family owned and run business. Trish moved from Tasmania to the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW over 20 years ago. Trish said “I found my niche in the financial placing space. It all fitted – I understand the highs and the lows of business, I understand the challenges facing families and understand health and the impact certain events can have on lifestyle and how the choices made during your working life can affect your retirement.” 

It is important to us that everyone understands what insurance is and understands what they have or what they need.

Our goal is to assist those that don’t have insurance, choose insurance that suits them and educate everyone about the purpose of the different insurances. We then continue to monitor and review the appropriateness of that insurance through life’s different stages.

This protects our loved ones now but we also need to plan for the future. So we help our clients plan for their retirement by educating them about superannuation and investment choices.
It’s a plan to protect you now, that adjusts and changes as you enter different stages of your life.

As our business grew and expanded, Anna Miller joined us to bring a youthful element to our team after she completed her Diploma of Financial Planning.


Trish Carter

Practice Owner/ Financial Adviser

Anna Miller

Financial Adviser

Holly Carter

Client Support

Sasha Wilks

Client Support