We are Trish and Alistair of Carter Financial Services.

We moved from Tasmania to the Beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW over 15 years ago. We had decided a tropical sea change to Lennox Head was the perfect place to raise our children so we packed up our house, family and businesses and embarked on our new life together.

Tassie is still special to us, we both grew up there and we had each established our business. Alistair had a plumbing and roofing business, Trish was a nurse and midwife and also had a direct selling business in 4 states of Australia.

We have had businesses in retail, manufacturing and in the construction industries and finally found our niche in the financial planning space. It all fitted – we understand the highs and lows of business, we understand the challenges facing families and understand health and the impact certain events can have on lifestyle. And also how the choices made during your working life can effect your retirement.

It is important to us that everyone understands what insurance is and understands what they have or what they need.

Our goal is to assist those that don’t have insurance, choose an insurance that suits them and to educate everyone about the purpose of the different insurances. We then continue to monitor and review the appropriateness of that insurance through life’s different stages.

This protects our loved ones now but we also need to plan for the future. So we help our clients plan for their retirement by educating about superannuation and investment choices.

It’s a plan to protect you now, that adjusts and changes as you enter different stages of your life.

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2014_Rising Star
Trish Carter bestowed the 2014 Rising Star award

Tricia Carter


I’m Trish, here’s a little bit about me.

I believe in life’s education. Its from life’s experience that we grow, its our choice in what we do with that knowledge that’s defines the individual.

Through 15 years of nursing and 20 years as a business owner, I have seen many incidents where changes to health have affected families both emotionally and financially, creating hardship that could have been avoided had they had insurance or a financial strategy in place.

I became a financial planner, specialising in personal insurance because I wanted to stop that happening. I saw a need for people to understand, and plan for the future and to protect themselves and their loved ones in the future.

I feel a sense of honour and pride that my clients let me into their lives and work with me to plan and protect what is most important to them.

I can’t stop bad things happening but I can lessen the impact!

Many people find insurance boring or confusing (or both) but I get a huge amount of satisfaction from educating my clients and ensuring they have insurance that totally suits them.
My clients must also appreciate this too as I was very honoured at the recent 2015 Aon National Conference to be awarded the National Rising Star Award for 2014.


Alistar Carter

I’ve been a successful business owner for the last 25 years, not only learning important management & financials skills but also life skills. From working with tradesmen, working for the rich and famous and the good old Aussie battler I can easily relate to anybody and have heard lots of life stories about successes and failures, hard times and triumphs. During this time I’ve noticed the difference that planning makes, planning not only for retirement but also for the unexpected.

I’ve always had a passion and interest in all the different types of investments and have seen real life examples of how investment choices affect retirement goals. Seeing how death, illness and injury affect families have motivated me to ensure all my clients understand their choices, their investments and insurances.

I want my clients to not only be protected but I am passionate for them to also really understand the insurances they have.


Anna Saltmarsh

“I have a business Degree and a diverse background of experience in Tourism and Hospitality business operations and management.
The skills and experience developed from my history in both Hospitality and Tourism has helped me recognize and be adaptable and understanding towards assisting clients in protecting themselves and their families against unexpected health and life events..

The things I love about my job is the different people I get to meet day to day- I enjoy getting to know everyone’s personal journey, the steps they have taken to accomplish what they have to date and watch as they continue to take on personal goals and successes into the future, ensuring they have the right advice to achieve these goals and protecting what is important”